30 juin 2016 Marseille (France)

Brain Machine Interfaces 2016

The ICN PhD.D. Program is proud to announce a special event, the Brain Machine Interface day (BMI day) that will occur June 30th in the HA2 hall in the Timone hospital. Following the success of the « parkinson day » organized in 2015, we have decided to follow-up and organize once or twice a year such special event. During that day, our wish is to bring together clinicians and researchers, residents and PhD students, to follow presentations from internationally renown scientists and clinicians that will present the current state of the art on a particular clinical-relevant topic. 

The next event will thus focus on Brain Machine interfaces, as it is a federative thematic that illustrates very well the interactions between fundamental and clinical approaches. During the event, we will have 3 duos of speakers that will give presents perspectives from fundamental and clinical viewpoints on three modalities: Visual, Auditive and Motor.  We will leave enough time in each of these 3 sub-thematics to launch discussions and debate that will be moderated by a duo of PhD and clinical residents.






10:00-10:45 Andrew Jackson (Newcastle, UK) Neural interfaces for the brain and spinal cord

10:45-11:30 Ujwal Chaudhary (Tubingen, Germany) Brain Machine Interfaces (BMI) in the completely locked in state (CLIS) and chronic stroke

11:30-11:50 Debate chaired by Julie Alayrangue (PhD student) and Nicolas Bacchetta (resident in MPR)



13:30-14:15 Serge Picaud (INSERM, Paris) Visual rehabilitation: from retinal prosthesis to optogenetic therapy

14:15-15:00 David Gaucher (CHU, Strasbourg) Retinal implantation in clinical practice

15:00-15:20 Debate chaired by Jean-Bernard Damasse (PhD student) and Pierre Gascon (resident in ophthalmology)



15:40-16:25 Stéphane Roman (APHM, Marseille) The cochlear implant: a history of success

16:25-17:10 Pascal Barone (CNRS, Toulouse) Impact of brain plasticity on recovery of auditory function following cochlear implantation

17:10-17:30 Debate chaired by Bastien Intartaglia (PhD student) and Marie Eva Rossi (resident in ORL)

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